It all started when...


Born and raised in France, I have lived abroad most of my life since I was 17 years old.  I have had the opportunity to study/ work and live in 4 different continents which gave me  the ability to be flexible and curious about others.

I first went to  Canada for an exchange program for a year when I was 17 years old. That year experience lead to 4 years at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada and a Bachelor of Environmental Design option Architecture.

After spending many years away from my family, I decided to go back to the French Alps and work in the architectural field as an intern to get some experience. Group8 and DLV architectes & associés (now called atelier MARCH) were the two firms in Geneva that I chose to work with.

Working in Switzerland and seeing the way Swiss architects work and look at architecture pushed me to pursue my education in Switzerland.

Joint Master of Architecture is a three partners institution  (Bern - Fribourg - Geneva) that collaborate in projects, seminars and courses so the students can get a broader view of architecture within a Swiss context.

Through this program, I was also able to go on an exchange program to India for one semester. As I have always been interested in humanitarian architecture, I thought that it would be great opportunity for me to study but also travel in a country where everything will be outside of my boundaries.

In June 2013, I graduated from a master of architecture and moved to San Francisco with my husband in September 2013.

After working for several months as junior architect for a small firm located in Sausalito called DNM architect that focuses on residential projects, my husband and I decided to move to Chicago to experience the life style and culture in the mid-west.

Becoming a mother has had a profound impact on my work as an architect. The time constraints of balancing work and family have led me to a more rigorous, efficient approach and my view has even been more oriented towards the future as I hope to play a part in building a better world for my son and future generations.